Image Credit: Joseph Anthony BakerIt may not exactly have foiled the German Luftwaffe during WWII, but Taylor Swift has embedded her own kind of entry-level secret code in the liner notes of her third album Speak Now, out today.

Writer and former EW music critic Chris Willman used his Little Orphan Annie decoder ring (or more likely, his eyes) to crack the hidden messages scattered throughout the lyrics booklet accompanying Swift’s CD.

And a cursory glance proves him right; randomly capitalized letters throughout the booklet yield yield phrases like “LOVED YOU FROM THE VERY FIRST DAY” in the supposedly John Mayer-directed “Dear John,” and “YOU THOUGHT I WOULD FORGET” in “Better Than Revenge,” apparently aimed at former paramour Joe Jonas’ immediate post-Swift girlfriend, actress Camilla Belle.

Willman also posits that the “FOREVER AND ALWAYS” in “Last Kiss” also points to Jonas, though the spelled-out “CMT AWARDS” in “The Story of Us,” a song about an uncomfortable run-in with an ex at an awards show, eliminates Jonas and leads directly to fellow CMT attendee Mayer. Also, that the until-now-unpegged ballad “Enchanted” may have revealed its target with the embedded message “ADAM,” which may or may not be Adam Young, better known as Owl City.

For further analysis of seeming non sequiturs like “PORTLAND OREGON,” “LIFE IS FULL OF LITTLE INTERRUPTIONS,” “MOVED OUT IN JULY,” and “I THOUGHT YOU GOT ME,” see Willman’s piece on Yahoo Music.

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