Credit: DC Comics

Image Credit: DC ComicsNew costumes on old superheroes are always fun, even though they’re always awful. Exhibit A: In the upcoming Superman: Earth One, Supes is portrayed as a modern 21-year-old. “Modern,” of course, means three things: Hoodie, hoodie, and hoodie! Nothing says “Emo-Superhero Angst” like the subtle, shadowy folds of a hooded jacket. Continuity: rebooted!

Ultimate Superman: Earth One is part of a limited series DC is rolling out that reimagines iconic superheroes as young crimefighters in the modern age. So Hoodie-Superman won’t stick around for very long. Too bad: on the Wall of Shame dedicated to Younger Versions of Superman, the Earth One look is still miles above Europop-Superboy. What do you think, PopWatchers? Do you dig the look? Or do you get migraines from youth-centric reboots of old superheroes?

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