A single thought ran through my head as I looked at new footage of Lea Michele in a recording session for Dorothy of Oz: This is the side of her I prefer. (Although, what we saw last week was technically the front, not a “side.”)

Following last week’s GQ controversy, I had wanted to believe that she was better than that. Then this footage arrived in my inbox to prove me right.

There are two main reasons I have been excited about the Glee star’s role in the upcoming animated feature since it was announced. First, I was ridiculously excited about the music. (It’s worth noting that I’ve never met another person with more music from animated movies on their iPod.) Judging by the video below, I won’t be disappointed. Second, this is exactly the kind of role I envisioned for the young actress. It’s a natural fit that harnesses her energy and enthusiasm. “[Dorothy] does definitely have that elegance and softness that Judy Garland brought to the role, but I feel I’m showing a little bit more of her youthful side,” Michele says in the video below.

GQ missteps aside, it all comes down to talent, and I hope to see more of hers in projects like this.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you excited about the movie? Do you, like me, prefer the fun, animated Lea Michele more than the provocateur? And what do you think of the Dorothy music so far? (Seriously, the score on the official site nearly made me teary.)