By Mandi Bierly
Updated October 25, 2010 at 05:15 PM EDT

Image Credit: PRN/PR PhotosYou may have heard that Justin Bieber is set to release a new unisex fragrance called My World. But in case you only caught a headline, I read deeper. According to Women’s Wear Daily, My World will be infused in wristbands and dog tags with “patented resin technology designed to hold the scent for at least one year.” At first this seemed totally ridiculous — does the younger generation not have time to squirt a bottle? — but then I had to admit it makes some sense: Girls like to put perfume on their wrists and rest their heads on boys’ chests. (Let’s pretend we don’t see how that latter bit works when the roles are reversed.)

The My World-scented accessories are expected to debut in Wal-Mart on Black Friday. Bieber did an interview with WWD over instant message. Asked what scent he likes on girls, he answered, “I actually like the Britney Spears perfume on girls. It smells good.” In other breaking news: He admits he’s contemplated changing his signature hairstyle. “I’ve cut this style different ways, but I was thinking about shaving it off or changing it. But I know now isn’t the right time. Maybe [for my] next album.” The 16-year-old has already learned that personal growth should only occur around release dates. Well done.

P.S. Even though I’ve watched him dry his hair, I still can’t believe he achieves that look with “no product.”

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