Image Credit: Everett Collection (4)Question 1: You are all alone, unarmed, in a darkened alleyway. At one end stands A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger, at the other Halloween‘s Michael Myers. Which way do you run?

Question 2: You’re all alone, unarmed, on the third-floor stairway of an isolated mansion at midnight. At the top of the stairs, you see The Shining‘s Jack Torrance, wielding an axe, and at the foot of the steps is The Silence of the Lambs‘ Hannibal Lecter with a plate of fava beans and a nice Chianti. Again, which way do you run?

These are the kinds of hideous dilemmas you’ve been facing all month long as part of’s single-elimination Psycho Killers bracket game. But despite the urge to pull the comforter over your head and dial 911, you’ve faced the terror head-on — whittling the field down from 32 creepy competitors to just four ferocious fiends. Your votes in today’s semifinals will determine the ultimate champs in our Horrorverse and Dramaverse divisions, who’ll then advance to what’s certain to be a violent, blood-soaked finale. Click here to see how the entire Psycho Killer bracket has played out thus far, and after the jump, place your votes. Polls will be open for 48 hours only, so what are you waiting for — take a stab (badum-bum!) and do your part to help name the All-Time Scariest Big-Screen Psycho Killer!