On tonight’s Dancing With the Stars, each couple will perform one solo routine and then participate in a “Rock and Roll Marathon.” Professional dancer and enthusiastic infomercial actor Derek Hough checked in with between last-minute touch-ups!

The rehearsal footage for you and Jen on Week 5 suggested MAJOR DRAMA. How often are the cameras actually there with you in the studio and how much does their presence heighten the drama?

If we’re in the dance studio, cameras are there. Always. Can you imagine if something happened in a rehearsal session and it wasn’t on camera? A fall, a fight, an injury. For better or for worse, those are some of the things that make our show so audience-engaging. After a few moments, though, you’re so busy concentrating on teaching and learning that you forget about the cameras.

Don’t you think the manufacturers of Easy Steps sold you a little short? Similar products were valued at $300 but your price was only $150. What is the true market value of Derek Hough?

Can someone’s true value really be estimated? Maybe there needs to be an for people on TV. That would be funny and possibly cruel.

Does anyone on the show take the “in jeopardy” thing seriously at this point? Were you and Jen shaken at all to be “under the red light”?

You forget while it’s happening that it may not be a real bottom two. That red light is like the warming light at a diner. You hope that something good comes out of it, but you never really know.

How important do you think is the order in which couples dance on Mondays? Any idea how the order is determined? Are you relieved whenever you find out you’re dancing near the end of the show?

Every couple is different. I’m not sure how they choose who goes first and last, but I’d prefer if we always went in the middle somewhere.

So many theme nights this fall! Are you tired of shaping dances around themes, or do you think themes are necessary to keep things interesting after so many seasons?

The themes present new challenges. I like that aspect of it — we get to think even more creatively about choreographing and props.

At his gooey, sparkly core, do you suspect that Len has a soft spot for props? (His lenience towards Bristol/Mark would suggest so!)

I can safely say that Len does not have a soft spot towards props. He’s a dancer and he wants to see us dance.

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