Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

Image Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR PhotosMySpace and Ben Silverman are teaming up to build a time machine to travel back five years to when they were the new hotness, before Facebook took off and the Knight Rider reboot did not. I mean, a dance contest. They’re teaming up to create a dance contest.

Jerk All-Stars will be an original web series in which 10 dance crews will compete, a la America’s Best Dance Crew, according to THR. But Jerk All-Stars will focus exclusively on jerkin’, which is a dance style marked by loose knees and a bouncy style, like so (warning, sensitive viewers: in addition to some rad dance moves, this video contains some salty language):

Silverman has other online projects in the works, too. His production company Electus is also behind “High School Heros,” a Subway-sponsored contest for “inspirational students, athletes, scholars, coaches and teachers,” according to Subway’s Facebook page.

Will you watch a web-only dance series, PopWatchers? Or are you faithful to SYTYCD only?