By Mandi Bierly
October 22, 2010 at 03:44 PM EDT

Image Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage; Sony/FXTruly, we would be happy hearing any casting news about FX’s Justified because it means we’re closer to seeing Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan Givens on our TVs again. (Season 2 premieres on FX in February. If you just need an Olyphant fix, watch last night’s episode of The Office, in which he guested and was appropriately ogled.) But this casting news makes us wish the calendar could skip a few pages. Lost’s Daniel Faraday, actor Jeremy Davies, has taken a recurring role as the deputy U.S. marshal’s new nemesis. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he’ll play a high school rival of Raylan’s, Dickie Bennett, who is the smartest of three brothers whose weed-trafficking family has long been at war with the Givens clan. (Sounds familiar.) Dickie has spent time in jail and returns to Harlan. Per the trade, he walks with a limp that dates back to a brawl with Raylan on the baseball field when they were teens.

So much to look forward to: How will Raylan greet Dickie? Will it be with the touch of warmth he showed his old coal mining buddy Boyd (Walton Goggins) in season 1, even though Boyd was now on the opposite side of the law? If producers make the point of saying Dickie is the smartest Bennett boy, you can bet at least one of those brothers is going to be Dewey Crowe-dumb, which will be fun for Raylan (and by that, I mean us). Justified loves to have fathers at odds with their sons, so there could be a juicy role for an older character actor who doesn’t mind playing a man who pulls a gun on his own blood. Will Boyd return to stand by Raylan against Dickie? (Goggins, who’s graduated to series regular, recently told EW, “The pendulum will swing in a completely different direction for Boyd, and religion may receive his ire. He may become an agnostic vigilante, [but] I won’t say against who.”) How will Raylan’s father, Arlo (Raymond J. Barry), get involved? How many bullets will fly in the season 2 finale?

Who’s ready for a new season of Justified now?

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