By Margaret Lyons
Updated October 22, 2010 at 03:02 PM EDT

Last night at the Angelika Film Center in Manhattan, there was a sneak preview of Glee‘s “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and being there reminded me of going to see the original Star Wars trilogy when it was rereleased in the ’90s: Some people took the experience extremely seriously, others seemed to be enthusiastic but nowhere near as obsessed as the die-hards, and more than one person was in gold undies. Lots and lots of gold undies.

More than anything, it was just fun to watch Glee with other fans — especially when I found out that I wasn’t the only one still rooting for Will and Emma. (Their number got the biggest round of cheers.) Rocky Horror‘s appeal is the communal experience of it: the shouting, the dancing, the ritualized throwing of toilet paper. You might as well do it up right.

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