Nothing lights up the telethon phone lines like the dulcet harmonies of folk icons Simon and Garfunkel. Or, perhaps, the pitch-nasty, Prince-quoting yodels of “Simon” and “Garfunkel”—otherwise known as Chris Rock in a cableknit turtleneck, and Tracy Morgan in a ‘Funkel fro wig.

The two comedians were joined by the actual Paul Simon onstage at last night’s Night of Too Many Stars autism fundraiser for an ear-burning take on his “Scarborough Fair,” before Simon offered his own shuffling version of Snoop’s “Gin and Juice.”

Not sure I’m a huge fan of the “making the olds say dirty sh– is HI-larious” school of comedy, but it’s for a good cause, yes? I mean, at least they didn’t trot out Betty White to rappin’-granny her way through “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta.”

Watch this odd celebrity triad after the jump:

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