By Ken Tucker
Updated October 21, 2010 at 12:22 PM EDT
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South Park‘s “Insheeption” episode on Wednesday night started out as a parody of Hoarders and ended up a critique of Inception. Stan, with his school locker full of maggot-ridden sandwiches and junk, was diagnosed a hoarder by Dr. Chinstrap.

He had a therapy session with guidance counselor Mr. Mackey — also a hoarder. Dr. Chinstrap took Stan and Mackey into “memory regression,” and the episode turned into an extended spoof of Inception.

I could have used this South Park a few months ago, when Inception was in theaters and causing me headaches, reading and listening to people trying to explain its insufferably prolix plot. Or as someone told Stan’s mom last night, “You don’t get it ’cause you’re not smart enough.”

The episode had some nice touches. Stan’s father entered Mackey’s dream and discovered he was a happy butterfly. South Park made the connection between the dream ideas in Inception and those of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. And then there was Woodsy Owl, who turned out to have done something naughty to Mr. Mackey when the latter was a boy.

Oh, and the “sheep” in the episode’s title? They belonged to a sheep herder, mistakenly drawn into the plot. Because it was thought he was hoarding sheep.

Not the greatest South Park, but amusing enough. Agree? Disagree?

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