Yes, Gilmore Girls fans, Lauren Graham really does talk that fast. As anyone who’s even caught a single episode of the seven-season The WB/CW dramedy can tell you, Graham and co-star Alexis Bledel had to deliver some seriously rapid-fire dialogue as mother and daughter Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Turns out, Graham is a bit of a fast-talker in real life, too. That could’ve just been nerves, of course: EW’s shoot was last February, before Graham’s new NBC series Parenthood had premiered, and the actress clearly had the show’s debut on her mind. Or Graham could’ve just been inspired by meeting up with her TV daughter Bledel, who will appear next spring in director Robert Redford’s Lincoln assassination drama The Conspirator.

Whatever the reason, shoosh, those ladies have the speedy comic patter thing down. In zippy succession, they discussed their fondness (or lack thereof) for Stars Hollow, the fictional Connecticut town that played home to the ladies Gilmore; how often (or not) they catch the many reruns of the show; how they handled (or didn’t) creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s mile-a-minute pop-culture references; and the truth (or fiction) to those persistent rumors of a Gilmore Girls reunion movie. Pay close attention, PopWatchers — this will go by quickly:

You can also see what Graham and Bledel had to say about their characters’ future in Entertainment Weekly’s Reunions issue (on newsstands now), where you’ll also be treated to interviews with the reunited casts of Back to the Future, The Lord of the Rings, Will & Grace, Scream, The West Wing, Pretty in Pink, Alias, Married… With Children, and more. And be sure to check out our Cast Reunions hub, complete with bonus video footage!