Image Credit: Time & Life Pictures Creative/Getty Images It looks like the Ouija movie, unbelievably, continues to be real. The L.A. Times reports that Michael Bay’s production company Platinum Dunes, which owns the rights to the title, are in serious talks with Taken director Pierre Morel to helm the film. This corroborates producer Brad Fuller’s hints that the Ouija movie will in fact be a rollicking action-adventure flick in which protagonists will periodically gather around an Ouija board, link hands, and solemnly consult nearby spirits as to the best course of action.

With a Battleship film in the works, talks of a Monopoly film, and now Ouija, it’s as if our entire childhoods will soon have film adaptations. What’s next? Chess: 3-D? Quick, somebody purchase the rights to Tic Tac Toe! At least, however, there’s a little bit more to Ouija than a recognizable brand name: Ouija actually started as a spiritual artifact, an occult divining tool that was even briefly used during World War I. The Parker Brothers slapped an electronic voice box on it and popularized it as a toy, but the Ouija board has a plenty of history and culture behind it.

The history of the Ouija board may or may not factor in the plot; there are as many possibilities as there are words that the Ouija board can spell. Personally, I’m imagining a family-friendly adventure film in the vein of National Treasure, but instead of Benjamin Gate’s esoteric knowledge of American history, an Ouija board will propel the plot along.

What do you think, PopWatchers? What’s the Ouija movie going to be like? What seemingly unadaptable fad should Hollywood adapt next? I just hope they don’t make a Furby movie.

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