Since Happy Days‘ Tom Bosley died at 83 of lung cancer yesterday, several members of the cast have released statements lauding their old co-star. This morning, Henry Winkler, who played cool Arthur Fonzarelli, a.k.a. The Fonz, stopped by The Today Show to share some more kind words.

Winkler expressed his personal appreciation for Bosley, who was both an on- and off-screen father figure for the years that Happy Days aired. Bosley helped him and the other young cast members buy their first houses by teaching them about mortgages and down payments. Winkler recalled first seeing Bosley on Broadway in Fiorello and described the surreal experience of later finding himself on the same Paramount stage. But Winkler said Bosley’s legacy is much bigger than his career. “He was a great father,” he said. “He was a great dad. And he was a terrific grandfather.”

What’s your favorite memory of Bosley? Did you grow up with him as your TV dad?

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