After earning a mere 18 out of a possible 30 points on Monday, Bristol Palin seemed like a goner for sure from Dancing with the Stars but America didn’t seem to mind her jive (or that silly monkey suit). So who went home instead? Find out after the jump.

Image Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCIt was a lot to ask of Florence Henderson: Dance a tough tango to the Brady Bunch theme song. Though the veteran TV actress did her best to perform Corky Ballas’ herky-jerky choreography to the well-worn “Here’s a story…”, the number just didn’t fly well with the judges or the fans: After scoring 21 out of a possible 30 points, Henderson became the fifth celebrity to leave Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday.

“I was a little surprised but you know, I’ve watched this show since it began and I’ve seen absolutely shocking things happen so somebody had to go,” Henderson told reporters afterwards. “When the two lowest scoring performers were safe, I thought `Corky, we’re in trouble.’ You just don’t know.”

“A low score means nothing,” Ballas continued. “I had the lowest score every show with Cloris Leachman. What does it mean? People have to call and vote. Those votes mean a big deal. It was kind of sad that we went out at our best. She was starting to crank it up, get strong. She was learning how to speed up her feet. We were just getting to a breakthrough.”

Even Palin admitted to reporters that she was “scared and nervous” going into elimination night. She admits that she didn’t give the jive her best – something she partly blames on that unwieldy monkey costume. “I completely forgot what dance moves I had next. I was so focused with getting the costume off,” she told reporters. “I was kind of just looking around and going, `Oh great.’ And then I finally got it off and got the routine rolling, but it was definitely a big hiccup on my part.”

She and Mark Ballas were also expecting the judges to make mincemeat out of their so-so performance. “I was just waiting to get hammered. They were nice! I think they saw me trying to bring more personality out there and saw me having fun so that’s why their comments were as mellow as they could be. Mark was so surprised.”

Saying goodbye to Henderson was particularly tough on Palin, who routinely looked to the elder dancer for support. “Oh my gosh I love Florence,” Palin gushed to reporters. “She was definitely my best friend on this entire thing. I’m going to miss having her there, having her backstage.”

“Oddly enough, I bonded the most with Bristol,” Henderson added. “From the very beginning, Bristol was always close to me.”

Looking forward, Henderson said she plans to finish her memoirs that’ll hit bookstores on Mothers Day, and will become a spokeswoman for Bausch and Lomb. She also plans to travel around the country with her one-woman show. “Corky and I have a couple of projects you will hear about,” she also teased.

Speaking of teases, Palin had one of her own to share. Since Sarah Palin’s Alaska will debut on TLC on Nov. 14, Palin seemed to leave open the possibility that her mom could stage a comeback to the ballroom as a way to promote the limited series. “I hope she comes here. I’ve watched the clip (of her show) online and it looks funny. I show up for a few episodes. I go commercial halibut fishing with her!”