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Image Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.comThere might be a handful of people in Hollywood who aren’t amused every time Bill Murray wraps himself in Ghostbusters glory. Probably the same people that desperately want to make the Ghostbusters 3 movie that Murray refuses to endorse. Fortunately, we’re not those people, so kudos to Spike TV for locating Murray and presenting him with the Best Cameo movie award for his work on Zombieland. No matter that the film came out more than a year ago. Rules were meant to be broken. Especially for Bill Murray, and especially-especially for Peter Venkman. Video after the jump.

Murray barely left anyone out of his “undead” tribute, and I thought it was only appropriate that he saved Mickey Rourke for last. Poor, poor, Mickey. He was the last to know.

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