By Clark Collis
Updated October 19, 2010 at 08:40 PM EDT

Image Credit: Jerod Harris/Getty ImagesWhen I think “monsters”—which I do about 1,297 times a day—I tend to think “Greg Nicotero,” the makeup effects wizard whose list of notable credits just begins with Grindhouse, Army of Darkness, the Kill Bill movies, and more zombie films than you could shake a severed foot at. Nicotero’s been a particularly busy boy of late. He oversaw the gore on Piranha 3D and and the shambling corpses in Frank Darabont’s forthcoming AMC zombie show The Walking Dead. He is also apparently about to make his directorial feature debut with an adaptation of Joe R. Lansdale’s deranged novel Drive-In, which I recently read on the recommendation of horror author Bob Fingerman and seems like the perfect, whacked-out vehicle for Nicotero’s talents.

But it’s not all monsters, monsters, monsters, with Nicotero. No! Sometimes, it’s monsters, monsters, monsters, monsters, monsters… Well, suffice to say, there is an awful lot of monsters in his new, amiable, short film, United Monster Talent Agency, which you can watch after the jump. Meanwhile, those who want to know more about Mr. Nicotero would be well advised to check out my colleague Chris Nashawaty’s 2005 profile of the man who puts the “Ew!” into “Ew! A boat propeller just tore that woman’s face off!”