By Margaret Lyons
October 19, 2010 at 10:10 PM EDT
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Image Credit: AMCI’ll admit it: Mad Men‘s season finale shocked me, even though everything was heavily foreshadowed (fiveshadowed?). I shouted “nooooo” at least a few times during the episode, but now that I’ve had some time to roll it around in my noggin, I think I loved that episode — and I’m down for a Megan-intensive season 5.

When Sally spilled the milkshake across the table, I tensed up as much as she and Bobby did: All of us had been conditioned to expect the worst. But Megan’s bright smile and casual ease represented a completely different mode of being of being or thinking or going through the day. Is it really so surprising that Don would be taken by that? It’s the mother he always wanted for his kids — and for himself. Maria von Trapp didn’t just teach her charges how to harmonize: She saved them from their overly brusque dad who loved them but didn’t know how to communicate with them. Familiar!

And then there’s Dr. Miller. Her withering dig at Don — that he only likes the beginning of things — was even more scathing than Glen’s line to Betty. Megan insisted that she did know Don, which makes me think he’ll never tell her about Dick Whitman. She’ll only ever know him as his new beginning, and that’s a huge relief to him.

As long as Megan’s existence leads to Joan/Peggy moments like the one in the finale, I’ll be satisfied. What about you, PopWatchers?

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