Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!

MVG (MOST VALUABLE GEM): We’ve got a floater!

“The odd camera angle when they shot from Tom across to Tony. Tom may have mentioned the ‘disembodied British voice,’ but we got a glimpse of Tom’s disembodied head floating along of the bottom of the screen.” —JH

“At the beginning of the show they had a replicated shot of the old RKO logo (the tower on top of the world) but instead of a globe spinning underneath the tower, it was a mirrorball (truly a shout out to Planet Mirrorballus).” —Fridge, endorsed by JH and Anthony

“Ooh — Chimes Lady and Bongo Guy together again. And both being over-enthusiastic!” —orville, endorsed by tara, Jessica, J-Dawg, Anthony, k-fran, KelbelDance, and A

“And I loved the timing as Tom announces ‘And now here are the stars!’ The camera zooms in on ECL!!!” —iggy

“You know who else I really noticed tonight? Impeccably Manicured Trumpet Guy! Right at the end there, did you see his nails sparkle?? Nice buffing sir!” —JH

“After Maks and Brandy’s dance, Len is so pleased with it that he does some double-hand slapping on the table with a huge smile on his face. Quite uncharacteristic (and dare I say adorable) for the DANCMSTR.” —Stephanie

“I saw at least two women that I thought were Jamie Lee Curtis behind Len. The real one and the hoaxes should all sit together next week and form a Baby Derek fan club/Bergeron doppelgänger clique in honor of Halloween (the holiday, or the movie).” —Care, endorsed by Elizabeth, gigi, and Addison

“There was an old guy behind Tom with really high ankle-socks!” —Zach

“The gems on Brandy’s shoulder reminded me of that Friends episode when Phoebe wore a Christmas ornament to cover the hummus stain on her formal gown. Appropriately Brandy then danced to the Friends theme!”–Lola, endorsed by Gator, JH, Heather, kfran

“All Maks needed was a bucket of original recipe and he’d have been ready to shill some chicken.” —Fridge, endorsed by Pumpkin Pies, omg here we go again, and juliette

“Dame Judi Dench behind Bruno!” —holly, endorsed by duranmom, CoolWhipLite, Cedar, Katja, MLM, A

“For a split second during Bruno’s critique of Kurt, we get to see both the short-haired blonde over his right shoulder thinking, ‘I need to look intellectual’ and over his left shoulder a longer-haired blonde thinking ‘just smile and act like I understand what he’s saying.'” —IMissKristi

“As Kurt and Anna danced down the steps, there was a man in a plaid short-sleeved shirt who was clapping excitedly. It was cute!” —Addison

“This might be hard to catch, but at just the right moment, the art deco decoration on the wall in the celebriquarium made a Count Dracula collar on Kurt.” —IMissKristi

“Hidden gem: the guy behind Tom after Audrina’s dance had a mustache worthy of the American Mustache Institute’s Mustache of the Year Award.” —abby, endorsed by Niki

“When Carrie Ann told Audrina she was beautiful, she started nodding enthusiastically before she caught herself (like, whoops! I shouldn’t be in such agreement).” —ChaCha

“Bruno’s face when Lacey popped up behind the judges. Hilarious.” —Christine, endorsed by tara

“I nominate the look of utter disgust and irritation on Len’s face after Lacey and Kyle’s dance.” —Jessica

“Was that Lex Luthor in the audience after Kyle and Lacey danced?” —Macey

“Was that Carrie Ann’s purse in front of the judge’s table while they were commenting on Rick and Cheryl’s performance? It was gone when Bristol and Mark performed.” —glenn

“At the end of Cheryl and Rick’s dance, there was one old(er) guy giving them a standing-O when everyone else was sitting down, presumably because he was one of the handful of audience members old enough to remember the show?” —Amy in Pittsburgh

“Mark looks just like the Monchichi doll I had when I was little.” —CoolWhipLite, endorsed by KellBell NYC

“LOL at the banana on the back of Mark’s vest.” —duranmom, endorsed by KWo, JH

“Corky’s stank face while Mark and Bristol were being ‘interviewed’ by Brooke.” —naynay

“Would it kill the producers to print up a nice CD cover when the pros take the song selections out of the envelopes? Whoever does it has serial killer handwriting. Bring some sparkle to it!” —Amy in Pittsburgh


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Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for your fabulous submissions!

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