By Mandi Bierly
October 19, 2010 at 07:43 PM EDT
Dummy: Christine DeSavino

Well, it appears Adrien Brody’s lawsuit to stop the producers of the Dario Argento film Giallo from releasing it on DVD has yet to work its magic. A quick check shows Giallo is available for purchase online today as scheduled. A rep for Brody had no comment when contacted by EW for an update. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brody isn’t upset over the quality of the film but the fact that he hasn’t gotten paid for it. The suit says Brody threatened to walk off the set a week after production began when he realized the movie was underfunded and producers had yet to pay his $640,000 salary. Brody claims producers told him they’d secured new funding and asked him to postpone his payday in exchange for having the “absolute right to withhold consent to the use of his likeness in the Picture.” He tried to exercise that right and was apparently shot down. Now Brody is asking for his salary (plus $2 million for breach of contract, fraud, etc.) and for the film to be permanently shelved, the trade reports.

Below, watch the trailer. Brody appears to play an FBI agent on the hunt for a serial killer who poses as a cab driver and targets beautiful women that he mutilates and kills. The only thing that truly intrigues me is whether Brody’s hair will get messed up during the course of the film. (Don’t you want to mess it up?)