ABC's "The View" - Season 20

The View returned again to last Thursday’s argument with Bill O’Reilly that resulted in walk-offs by Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. On Monday’s show, they explained their motivations for the dramatic exits. “We talk about standing up to bigotry, so I stood up,” said Behar. “I had had enough,” said Goldberg. “I was gonna cuss him out.”

Barbara Walters said the furor arose because O’Reilly said “the Muslims attacked us on 9/11.” She tried to play the peacemaker once again. “This is a country full of rage, and we should be able to have conversations without rage … without obscenities.” She added that her co-hosts rose to O’Reilly’s bait. “He loves to pull your chain,” she said.

The remaining panelists each had something to contribute. Sherri Shepherd said, “It was not staged […] not a publicity stunt,” alluding to the suspicion in some quarters that last Thursday’s blow-up was staged, perhaps to draw attention away from today’s premiere of a new, View-ish-sounding talk show, The Talk, whose panel includes Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert. (I’ll review The Talk after it premieres later today.)

As for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, she reiterated the bizarre comment she’d alluded to last Thursday. On Monday she looked at the camera and addressed President Obama, “Can we please use the word ‘terrorist’ again, Mr. President?” She seems to think “terrorist” has been banned by the President. Okay…

Shepherd added that during the commercial break, O’Reilly had said, “This is great. This is going to make your ratings.” The panel agreed their ratings had been just fine before this.

As Goldberg said, “It’s time to move on.” Amen.

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ABC's "The View" - Season 20
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