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Image Credit: Frank Masi; Inset: Lester Cohen/WireImage.comMel Gibson is about to get the Mike Tyson Treatment. No, no one’s going to bite his ear off. But the Oscar-winning filmmaker, whose long-controversial reputation was dealt another blow after a wave of threatening profanity-laced voice recordings, will have a role in the upcoming sequel to The Hangover. Sources tell EW that Gibson won’t play himself, à la Tyson, but an outlandish character, à la Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder.

Though The Hangover won’t be released until May, the question must be asked: Too soon? No matter how hilarious the cameo, will audiences still be nursing a grudge? If the role requires that Gibson make fun of his real-life problems, will critics savage him for trying to make light of a serious situation? In his favor is the fact that Gibson can be effortlessly funny. (See: Maverick.) That’s not to excuse his trail of offensive statements over the years, but the man has a funny bone. Still, Gibson figures to be more of a liability right now than an attraction, so I at least give The Hangover folks credit for being ambitious.

How does Gibson’s involvement impact your interest in The Hangover 2?

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