Image Credit: Gerardo Mora/WireImage.comJustin Bieber hit it big after being discovered on Youtube playing his guitar. Now with millions of albums sold, it appears he’s planning to take it back to simpler times and release an acoustic album. On Saturday (Oct. 16), the teen sensation asked his fans what their favorites are from his first two albums through his Twitter page.

“curious…,” he started. “What is your favorite song on MY WORLD and MY WORLD 2.0?? If you could remix any song with another artist which would it be?” Then Justin shot his music director Dan Kanter a line suggesting they, “make an UNPLUGGED album for the fans for the holidays….or maybe we already did…hmmmm ;)”

“maybe we need to give everybody an UNPLUGGED acoustic album with that new song I cut in Hawaii for the holidays…thoughts???” he continued. “ an UNPLUGGED album for the HOLIDAYS????” That he’s playing a cruel joke on his almost six million followers is highly unlikely. Bieber’s rep declined to comment on the possibility of an acoustic album. But he apparently has a date for its release set. “On November 23rd the Unplugged Acoustic album comes out! Taking it back to how we started,” Bieber tweeted Oct. 23. “Spread the word.”

Is the Bieb’s acoustic album on your wish list? What songs do you hope make the cut? Let us know.

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