Image Credit: Everett Collection (3)Shocktober rolls on with the Round of 16’s second batch of matchups in our single-elimination Psycho Killers bracket game. Today, Halloween‘s very own Michael Myers faces off with the dynamic duo of torture porn, Jigsaw-Amanda (Saw), while Psycho psycho Norman Bates, fresh off a huge first-round upset over Jason Voorhees, takes a stab at Damien Thorn (The Omen). Over in the DramaVerse, Jack Torrance (The Shining) will try to hack his way to the Elite Eight through Heath Ledger’s Joker (The Dark Knight), while Annie Wilkes (Misery) takes on Fatal Attraction loon Alex Forrest. So slap on your mother wig, get your bunny water boiling, and vote in the polls below to keep your favorite sicko in the running as we head to the Finals later this month. (Polls are open for 60 hours.) Then check out our entire bracket of 32 fiends, split into the HorrorVerse and DramaVerse categories, by clicking here.