Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty ImagesT.I. will face a federal judge in Atlanta this afternoon who could send him back to prison for allegedly violating his probation terms. With that moment of reckoning getting closer, the rapper sat down with CNN’s Don Lemon for a candid interview.

“I’m tired. I’m wore out,” T.I. told Lemon. “I don’t have the age, the energy or just the attitude to move forward and continuing in this cycle in this ongoing process of destruction and disparity in my life. I’ve got too many depending on me and counting on me. I can’t do it.”

He offered a heartfelt apology to those he has disappointed: “The only thing that I can say, man, is that all people who have supported me, who were behind me, who believed in me, who were disappointed and were let down, I just offered my sincerest apologies, and I will dedicate my life no matter how long it takes to earn your trust back and to make you proud yet again.”

T.I. also spoke on how he helped convince a man not to take his own life earlier this week: “I believe that I have been put here for a purpose, and I believe that I have an ability to reach people that most people can’t reach, that I can turn lives around that other people, they can’t have the same effect.”

T.I. and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were arrested in September on alleged drug charges. He was already on probation for a 2008 weapons conviction. T.I.’s hearing in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia is scheduled for 2 P.M. today. Check back at the Music Mix for updates on his case.

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