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EW Poll: Who Should Play the New Superman? The Oct. 4 announcement that director Zack Snyder (300) has taken the reins of the new Superman movie — produced by Christopher Nolan and penned by David S. Goyer — had us wondering about the guy best suited to fly faster than a speeding bullet (or be shot in front of a greenscreen and then made to look in post like he’s flying faster than a speeding bullet). Here are the actors you most want to see as the Man of Steel.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt 3%
Best known for Inception, (500) Days of Summer

Matt Bomer 14%
Best known for USA’s White Collar

Brandon Routh 13%
Best known for Superman Returns

Jon Hamm 8%
Best known for AMC’s Mad Men, The Town

Henry Cavill 6%
Best known for Showtime’s The Tudors, Stardust

Tom Welling 56%
Best known for playing a young Clark Kent on The CW’s Smallville

Why can’t Jimmy Smits catch a break?
On Oct. 11, NBC officially canceled Outlaw, the drama starring Jimmy Smits as Cyrus Garza, a rogue Supreme Court justice — turned — private litigator. No shocker there — it averaged just 4.7 million viewers on a recent airing, and the network halted production on the show earlier this month. (NBC will air the remaining four episodes on Saturday nights.) The series’ failure raises a curious question about Smits: Why can’t networks find the right show for one of TV’s most beloved stars? The 55-year-old actor has found steady work over the past two decades — he earned kudos for his two-year stint on The West Wing and an Emmy nomination for his role as Miguel Prado on Dexter — but he’s never been able to recapture the leading-man magic of his turns on L.A. Law and NYPD Blue.

What’s not clear is whether Smits is choosing bad roles or whether he is a victim of unlucky circumstances. His last headlining series, the CBS family drama Cane, was plagued by the 100-day writers’ strike in 2007. And Outlaw was hindered by a tough Friday-night time slot (against a show from that other TV megastar Tom Selleck) and nasty reviews.

These recent flops haven’t affected Smits’ value in Hollywood: Word is his asking price is $175,000 per episode (though an NBC insider says he received closer to $150,000 to play Garza). Either way, that’s a rich payday reserved only for the most sought-after TV stars. Many believe he’s worth it, and not just because he’s one of Hollywood’s most high-profile Latino actors. ”He’s a big TV star,” says one studio exec, ”and people really like him.” For now, Smits’ next move is unclear, but we can only hope he gets a project worthy of him. — Lynette Rice

Our favorite adult TV characters seen as kids
1 Young Kurt on Glee
(Adam Kolkin as Chris Colfer’s character) We did a double take during a flashback featuring mini-Kurt and his dad in a recent episode. But it turns out the boy wasn’t a magically de-aged Colfer; he’s just a look-alike who also could reduce us to a sobby mess.

2 Young Kate on Lost
(Emily Evan Rae as Evangeline Lilly’s character) During its flashbacks and side-flashes, Lost showed us the younger version of many characters, but in which universe did the series find a little Kate with the same lightly freckled face as Lilly’s?

3 Young Dexter on Dexter
(Dominic Janes as Michael C. Hall’s title character) It’s not easy showing how a sweet-faced boy becomes a serial murderer, but it certainly helps when you have a killer resemblance. — Sandra Gonzalez