John Malkovich, Bruce Willis, and Morgan Freeman star in the new geriatric action thriller, but their roles look pretty...familiar

By Keith Staskiewicz
October 15, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT
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How refreshing to see Helen Mirren play a trigger-happy old broad in the dopey geriatric-gunplay flick RED. But her male costars just rehash familiar characters from their résumés. Here’s how they add up.

John Malkovich
Con Air + Burn After Reading = RED
The King of Crazy mixes the insanity of Con Air‘s Cyrus ”The Virus” with his eccentric CIA agent from Burn for RED‘s satellite-fearing paranoiac.

Morgan Freeman
The Bucket List + Wanted = RED

Freeman plays another cancer sufferer, but the only goal on his RED character’s bucket list is to pump some bad guys full of lead.

Bruce Willis
Moonlighting + The Jackal = RED
One part wise-cracking smirkster, one part ruthlessly efficient assassin, Willis’ hitman in RED will shoot you a wink. Then he’ll just shoot you.

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