Image Credit: Suzanne TennerSome people would read the Variety piece announcing that Paul Verhoeven is set to direct Eternal, a script from David Loughery that “centers on a recovering alcoholic who believes that he’s cheated on his wife — only to discover that the other woman is a ghost who is in pursuit of his soul,” and go, “Pass!” But they’re not thinking this through: This is the man that directed Elizabeth Berkley to put ice on her nipples in Showgirls collaborating with the man who outlined the MTV Movie Award-winning fight between Beyoncé and Ali Larter in Obsessed (pictured). It’s going to be awesome. “The other woman is a ghost who is in pursuit of his soul” — there are no words, just the chills I got retyping that. You know the wife is going to end up throwing down with the paranormal slut, somehow. I need to know how.

Who else sees this project’s potential to be the greatest/most awesomely bad thing since Showgirls?

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