You hardly had a chance to miss her, did you? Though her platinum debut, Animal, has not yet celebrated its first birthday, the First Lady of whiskey toothpaste and Glad-bag couture announced its companion followup, Cannibal, earlier this week. Less than 48 hours later, the album’s first single has landed online.

She is, you may be shocked to learn, still a connoisseur of glitter and good times. “We R Who We R” follows previous party-to-the-people anthems built on the talk-singer’s extra-enunciated consonants and chanty non-sequiturs (“and no you don’t wanna mess with us / got Jesus on my neck-uh-lace”).

As she told EW yesterday, the song’s inspiration was fueled by the recent spate of gay-related teen suicides, “a celebration of any sort of quirks or eccentricities” meant to “inspire people to be themselves.” (And a companion piece, perhaps, to Pink’s “Raise Your Glass,” released last week?).

Listen for yourself, after the jump:

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