Readers respond to ''Let Me In,'' Britney Spears, and the new ''Karate Kid''

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  • David Fincher, Aaron Sorkin, and the cast of The Social Network have created a zeitgeist-defining movie full of riveting drama and balanced, sympathetic characters. Oscar needs to send them a friend request!
  • Carlton Salter
  • Trussville, Ala.

How Swede It Is
I felt a rush of excitement walking into Let Me In, even though I was not a fan of its Swedish counterpart, Let the Right One In. Chloë Grace Moretz astounds in her role, as do Kodi Smit-McPhee, Richard Jenkins, and one of my personal favorites, Elias Koteas. Director Matt Reeves should be commended for giving this film fan a vampire movie where the vampires don’t sparkle.
Nikki Zalewski
Menomonee Falls, Wis.

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  • I was so glad to see your story on Jamey Johnson. This guy is the real deal, and I know I’m not alone when I say his style of country music was long overdue. Thank you, Mr. Johnson, for restoring my faith in country music, and thank you, EW, for recognizing his contributions.
  • Derek Flores
  • Fort Worth
  • Still in the Zone
  • How can you possibly announce that ”things are starting to look up for Britney Spears”? In the past two years, homegirl’s scored four top 20 singles — and you already know what happened with her huge Circus tour. I’m pretty sure that Britney’s been ”back” for quite some time.
  • Matthew Rand
  • Haverhill, Mass.

To cite The Godfather as a good example of an ”equestrian film” is ridiculous. There are so many wonderful films to choose from that actually celebrate the horse-and-human connection: The Horse Whisperer, Dreamer, and Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, to name a few.
Robert James Smith
Whitesville, Ky.

I feel it’s only appropriate to point out one of the best horse scenes in cinematic history: In 1980’s Airplane!, Peter Graves’ wife cheats on him with a horse in their bed. Classic!
Steven Housman
Fort Lauderdale

Waxing Philosophic
Though the new Karate Kid film is very good, it is in no way better than the original. The relationship between Daniel and Mr. Miyagi was something special that we hadn’t seen before. The 2010 version does a fine job of copying the 1984 film, but it’s a copy all the same.
Jeremiah Case
Fairfax, Va.

If Justin Timberlake can broaden his horizons, why can’t his Social Network costar? Eisenberg’s apparently got the look: According to readers, our cover boy resembles a few major musicians. (And his version of Pink Floyd’s ”Hey You” in The Squid and the Whale wasn’t half bad.)

Let Me In

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