Rob Morrow and Janine Turner 15 years after leaving Cicely, Alaska

Fifteen years after leaving Cicely, Alaska, Rob Morrow, 48, and Janine Turner, 47, joined EW (and a stuffed moose) for a nostalgic chat.

EW When did you two first meet?
Rob Morrow The day of the audition. It was just me and all the girls. When Janine came into the room, it was so clear that she was Maggie. She pulled a chair up and was sitting on it backwards.
Janine Turner The producer said, ”You look too pretty to be a pilot!”
RM After the audition, we get in the elevator. We’re riding up, and I turn to her and say, ”It’s just you and me, ya know.” And she blew me off. Later, she told me she thought I was hitting on her.

What are your favorite moments from the show?
RM Well, we had some good kisses.
JT My favorite is the one in the kitchen where we knock all the pots and pans down.
RM But it hurt!… I love the ending. It had one of the great resolutions of a television series. It was so beautifully mythic. I’m walking into the mist, and then it cuts to me on the ferry in New York.
JT Like Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl.

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