Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and Fozzie talk about their new movie and plastic surgery
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It’s time to get things started with Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and Fozzie, who sat down with EW to talk about The Muppet Show, their new movie, and plastic surgery.

EW What was it like seeing everyone again at the photo shoot?
Kermit Everyone looks great! In fact, I’d say none of us looks a day older.
Miss Piggy And some of us even look younger.
Gonzo Thanks, Piggy. I’m glad you noticed.
Miss Piggy I wasn’t talking about you, weirdo.
Fozzie Really. You think I look younger?
Miss Piggy No, you morons! I was talking about moi! Moi looks younger!!!
Kermit Like I said: Nothing’s changed.

EW What’s your secret for keeping your good looks?
Gonzo Frequent bog snorkeling.
Fozzie My jokes get old so I don’t have to.
Kermit It’s an amphibian thing. No matter how old a frog gets, we stay green and wet behind the ears.
Miss Piggy You have ears?
Kermit WHAT!?!
Fozzie Ahh, ”ears…what!” I get it! Funn-ee! Wocka! Wocka!

EW Be honest, Miss Piggy — have you had a little work done?
Miss Piggy A little work? Never! A lot of work? Absolutely.
Gonzo Piggy believes in going whole hog.
Miss Piggy Watch it, buster.

EW The original Muppet Show ended in 1981. When you look back on that period in your lives, what moments stick out most in your minds?
Fozzie The Muppet Show ended in 1981? Gonzo, did you know about this?
Gonzo Are you kidding? I thought it was still 1981.
Miss Piggy Well, that certainly explains the suit.
Kermit I remember the great guest stars. We worked with everyone: Elton John, Steve Martin, Johnny Cash, Sylvester Stallone, Julie Andrews, Bob Hope, Gene Kelly, and the cast of Star Wars…to name just a few.
Gonzo I remember the stunts. Have you ever seen me eat a steel-belted radial tire while balancing a piano on my nose? Stick around, but wear a helmet.
Fozzie I remember the jokes…and I tell them nightly. Two shows. No cover. No minimum.
Miss Piggy I remember the costumes, the scenery, the makeup, the props, the audience that lifts you when you’re down…the headaches, the heartaches, the backaches, the…
Kermit Piggy, those are the opening lyrics to ”There’s No Business Like Show Business.” Were you about to launch into a song medley?
Miss Piggy Of course. I’ve got a 15-minute specialty number that’ll knock your socks off.
Kermit I don’t wear socks.
Miss Piggy Oh, then skip it.

EW Kermit and Miss Piggy, what’s the status of your relationship today?
Kermit Don’t ask…
Miss Piggy …don’t tell.

EW You’re heading into production this fall on a new movie. How do you feel about being back on the big screen, and what can you tell us about the plot?
Kermit We can’t say much. Right now, the movie is very hush-hush.
Gonzo I’ll say it is. I didn’t even know we were making a movie.
Fozzie Neither did I.
Miss Piggy Thanks for spilling the beans, EW. Now we gotta put these two in the movie.
Kermit I can say this about the movie: We’ll be working with the incredibly talented Jason Segel!
Miss Piggy Who’s he?
Kermit Tall guy. He sent you candy and flowers.
Miss Piggy That doesn’t exactly narrow it down.
Kermit You slugged him at the read-thru.
Miss Piggy Oh, that Jason Segel.
Kermit We think it’s going to be great.
Miss Piggy Of course it is. I’m in it.

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