Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber are not only co-stars, they're close friends
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It’s been four years since Jennifer Garner kicked her last enemy-of-the-state ass as Sydney Bristow on Alias. Since then, the actress and the man who played her father, Victor Garber, have remained the closest of friends — the kind who finish each other’s sentences and officiate at each other’s weddings (as the actor did for Garner’s 2005 nuptials to Ben Affleck). ”We got along from the beginning,” says Garner, 38. ”When the series ended, our friendship didn’t stop. I’d grown to rely on Victor so much — for friendship, for advice, for — ”

”Money!” interjects Garber, 61.

”Money,” Garner says, nodding. ”And laughing. I still turn to him for all of that.”

As Garner’s 19-month-old daughter, Seraphina, quietly looked on, we spoke with the former costars about their unique bond.

EW How often do you see each other, living on different coasts?
Victor Garber We make a point of it. I’m based in New York. But when I was shooting a movie last summer in L.A., I lived with them. Jennifer Garner Which was bliss.

EW Is he a good houseguest?
JG Excellent. He’s a professional houseguest. Any time you have a dinner party and you’re nervous about it, the spice you add is Victor. You know he’ll make everyone feel good, he keeps the conversation going, he’ll make everyone laugh, and he’ll pour the wine. VG As long as there aren’t any smart people around. I can talk about show business and my career, but that’s really about it. JG But really, what else do we need?

EW When you look back on the Alias days, what are your favorite memories?
JG Lunch at the Rotunda. The Disney lot has this nice restaurant that’s reserved for the executives. I would be in a wig or covered in blood and we’d be sitting with all these executives. VG They’d all come over to the table and worship. [Whispering] ”That’s Jennifer Garner!” JG I wouldn’t necessarily say worship.
VG I remember the pilot almost more than anything. It was so brutal. In a car scene, [Alias creator] J.J. Abrams was directing from the back of the car, just screaming at me: ”Say it again! Do it again!” I was like, ”Shut up! Shut up! You’re making me insane!” [Laughs]
JG I remember moments — and it’s always about the crew. The last year, they flew a plane over the beach that said ”We love our girl” on a banner. Come on!

EW Jennifer, how did you decide to have Victor officiate at your wedding?
JG We always assumed that Victor would do it.
VG I’ll tell you one thing: I wasn’t paid.
JG This is true.
VG I just got a call one day and she said, ”We were talking and would you…?” I was so taken aback.
JG And then immediately you had stage fright, ’cause we were gonna have a big wedding.
VG Totally. It ended up being only four people, which I was much more comfortable with. But it was an incredible honor and one of the most special events of my life. I will never forget it. It’s embedded in my heart.

EW Any plans to work together again?
JG We’re always trying to work together. Everything I do, I say, ”I have a father in this! You know who would be great?” I don’t know why they don’t go for it. VG I know exactly why: ’cause we’re impossible. We laugh too much.
JG Never say never.
VG I’ll do it! When do we start? It certainly could happen, and nothing would make me happier, but…
JG Maybe a play. [Pauses] Maybe not. Maybe let’s just forget the whole thing.
VG Let’s just have lunch.
JG Give me a glass of chardonnay!

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