Scott Caan, Bruno Mars, and Justin Bieber made pop culture news this week

By EW Staff
October 15, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

· If CBS put Scott Caan in every crime show it airs, we’d even watch Criminal Minds.
· No abs, no horse, no problem: Grover parodies of the Old Spice Guy commercials on YouTube
· The most welcome words at the end of any song title: ”featuring Nicki Minaj”
· Helen Mirren in RED: Is it possible to be afraid and turned on at the same time?
· Celebrity Chekhov, which reimagines the author’s stories with David Letterman, Brad Pitt, and Nicole Kidman
· Bruno Mars’ ”Grenade,” a song that’s going to blow up like one
· Kristen Wiig as Christine O’Donnell

· Ed Norton’s hair in Stone reminds us: What ever happened to Bo Derek?
· The (unintended) moral of The Big C: It is okay to cheat on your dorky husband, as long as it’s with Idris Elba.
· You know New York Comic-Con has gone to hell when the plushies start showing up.
· Christine O’Donnell as Christine O’Donnell
· Pink and Bette Midler: Mama, is that you?

· This unfortunate (and real) press release: ”How Justin Bieber and horse semen are helping charities”
· Aaron Carter, your muscles are not a good Situation.
· The new Gaga perfume Monster smells like paparazzi, bad romance, and meat.
· The name Chord Overstreet
· Christmas albums from Lady Antebellum, Shelby Lynne, and others being released in mid-October
· The following wedding report: ”Crystal Bowersox wore a hemp and cotton gown…that features macramé, seashell, and bead detailing.” Also: The wedding was held on a commune. In 1967.
· Attention, your eardrums: Fran Drescher is getting a noo tawk show.
· Stephanie Pratt and her brother, Spencer, hit the town.