By Kerrie Mitchell
Updated October 15, 2010 at 10:15 PM EDT

Image Credit: Joe Viles/FoxABC just announced that when the current season of Dancing With the Stars tangos off the stage, it will be replaced with a six-episode run of Skating With the Stars. Because what’s funnier then questionably coordinated B-listers in sequins? Questionably coordinated B-listers in sequins … on ice.

As soon as I heard about this edition, my mind flew back to that Fox show Skating With Celebrities from 2006 (pictured here) that found stars like Kristy Swanson, Bruce Jenner, and Todd Fields stumbling and bumbling with actual figure skaters like Nancy Kerrigan and Lloyd Eisler in a pairs competition. (Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler ended up winning. And then hooking up. The pair are now married.) It was similar to Dancing, in that so much seemed to depend on how physically adept the star was. But on Skating, it seemed like female celebrities had an immediate advantage, because at least the professional men had impressive-looking lifts to fall back on, even if the star was a subpar skater. There was only so much the professional ladies could do with their mediocre male stars. I wonder how ABC’s version will deal with that? And which stars do you want to see strap the skates on? (The cast will be revealed on Nov. 2.) I nominate Moira Kelly!

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