By Keith Staskiewicz
Updated October 14, 2010 at 01:25 PM EDT

Image Credit: Moises De Pena/WireImage.comHe can do whatever he likes, and apparently what he likes to do is save lives. In the best celebrity heroism story since Werner Herzog pulled a pre-beard Joaquin Phoenix out of a car wreck, hip-hop star T.I. convinced a suicidal man not to jump from a 22-story building in Atlanta on Wednesday, the AP reports. The rapper had heard about the situation on the radio and drove over to see if he could help, offering to speak with the potential jumper if he would come down. “I told him it ain’t that bad. It’ll get better, to put the time and effort into making it better,” T.I. told the AP. “I just reminded him … that I know. It looks bad right now, but it can turn around.” This comes only two days before T.I. is scheduled to appear in court for a parole hearing stemming from a drug arrest earlier this year.