Image Credit: Eric McCandless/ABCPopWatchers, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to see the TV comedy called Chicks and D—. That’s because the in-development series — about a Midwestern woman who moves in with three immature men — won’t be called that. Written by Liz Meriwether (who penned the script for Friends With Benefits, and titled it F—buddies), the series will get a name change before hitting the small screen, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And while a title is an important part of a show’s sell, struggling with one isn’t necessarily a good or bad omen. Plenty of series saw their in-development names change before they aired. For example:

Samantha Who? (Previously: Sam I Am)

The owner of Dr. Seuss’ life’s work filed a trademark infringement claim against ABC back when Sam I Am was in its development stages. As a result, the shiny Christina Applegate comeback got a title significantly less Seuss-y.

Justified (Previously: Lawman)

The creators of the atmospheric FX series Justified really liked the name Lawman. Unfortunately, so did Steven Seagal. In the end, Steven Seagal: Lawman won out, ostensibly because Seagal was first, but also, probably, because of this.

$h*! My Dad Says (Almost: Shat My Dad Says)

Before CBS’ Twitter-inspired series aired, the network’s entertainment president Nina Tassler shared a possible title with The Hollywood Reporter: Shat My Dad Says (starring Wiliam $h*!ner?).

We Got to Do Better (Previously: Hot Ghetto Mess)

BET series Hot Ghetto Mess faced trouble at the starting gate. Based off a blog of the same name, it aimed to showcase comically bad examples of behavior to inspire viewers to “do better.” Critics called the exercise demeaning even before it aired. The network’s response: change the name!

19 Kids and Counting (Previously: 18 Kids and Counting; before that, 17 Kids and Counting)

Though it sounds more like a threat than a TV show, the Duggar family’s documentary of procreation seems never to leave TLC. I am no longer counting. Are you?


Nope, you never saw this one. Sluts, a pilot Meriwether sold to Fox back in 2007 when Chicks and D— was only a twinkle in her eye, didn’t pan out. Execs tentatively gave it the same moniker they’re using for this one: “the untitled Elizabeth Meriwether project.” Is it weird I find that title more intriguing than all her dirty ones?