Four years after Jennifer Garner kicked her last enemy-of-the-state ass as Sydney Bristow on Alias, the actress and Victor Garber (who played her elusive father on the ABC series) got together for EW’s Reunions issue. In a New York City hotel room on a misty end-of-summer day, the duo posed for pictures with the kind of ease that only the closest friends share. Which is exactly what the former co-stars are. (Garber officiated at Garner’s wedding to Ben Affleck in 2005.) So did the shoot feel like an Alias reunion — or just two friends happily passing some time together? “Well, the fact that we’re in hair and makeup and kind of posey reminds me of the show because we haven’t worked together since then,” Garner told us. “But if it were Alias-y, I would be like this,” she said, crossing her arms Sydney Bristow style. “And you,” she continued, turning to Garber, “would have your hands straight down to the side.”

“I am like this!” Garber joked, striking a rigid, Jack Bristow stance. “We saw each other a couple of days ago. This is just, there are more people around taking pictures. Which is, you know —”

“Hilarious!” Garner interjected.

“Hilarious, yes,” Garber agreed. “We’ve had a good time. We generally have a good time.”

To see what else Garner and Garber had to say — including their thoughts on an Alias movie — check out the exclusive video below. And pick up Entertainment Weekly’s Reunions issue (on newsstands now) for interviews with the casts of Back to the Future, Will & Grace, Scream, Pretty in Pink, The West Wing, Married… With Children, and more.