Image Credit:; Brian Killian/; Jon Kopaloff/; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Joe Kohen/WireImage.comEvery year, the broadcast nets compile a wish list of stars they hope will make their way (or in some cases, their way back) to the small screen. Now that drama and comedy development has already begun for the 2011-12 season, here are some potential headliners for next year. And for more on powerful entertainers, pick up the latest issue of EW.

Kevin Bacon. It’s been 20 years since he played a brilliant med student in Flatliners, but who says Kyra Sedgwick’s husband couldn’t slap on some scrubs in a hip new hospital drama?

Susan Sarandon. She teased the industry by appearing on Rescue Me and an episode of ER, but the Academy Award-winning actress has yet to find her happy place in prime time.

Elisabeth Shue. CBS wanted her for The Good Wife, but the Leaving Las Vegas star decided to spend more time at home with her kids. If hindsight’s 20/20, think she’d have chosen to wrestle with Chris Noth instead of a piranha in 3-D?

Ashley Judd. A perennial favorite, Judd hasn’t followed the lead of fellow fortysomething film stars, such as Mary-Louise Parker and Sedgwick, and snagged the next Emmy-worthy role.

Claire Danes. Armed with an Emmy for her role in HBO’s Temple Grandin, Danes is the perfect combination of beauty, talent and TV experience. (Remember My So-Called Life?) Too bad NBC’s attempt to remake Prime Suspect requires an older actress. Or does it?

Josh Duhamel. TV would gladly take the former star of Las Vegas back to catch crooks and/or walk around shirtless, no questions asked.

Tim Allen. The Home Improvement star has been taking meetings with choice writers to stage a TV comeback in fall 2011. Any network will have to bring a toolbox…full of money.

Alessandro Nivola. He’s not exactly a household name, but you’ll recognize him from Face/Off, Junebug, The Eye, and Laurel Canyon. He’s got the indie cred and the great looks — which is why everybody wants him.

Sarah Michelle Gellar. After slaying vampires for seven years on The WB and UPN, Gellar fell off the Hollywood radar to start a family. But if anyone deserves to inherit Heather Locklear’s throne as the go-to gal to play powerful beyotches, it’s Buffy.

Matthew Broderick. NBC tried to bring the film and Broadway star to prime time this year with a comedy called Beach Lane, but the project never made it out of development. Didn’t anyone think to give him a house on Wisteria Lane instead?

Maria Bello. The former ER doc enjoyed a superb run in film, but her grace is needed back on the small screen to headline the next drama from John Wells or Steven Bochco.