October 13, 2010 at 08:53 PM EDT

Image Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC; Hansen: Discovery Channel Don’t get too excited about that photo: It’s just an illustration. But as far as Deadliest Catch’s Sig Hansen is concerned, he definitely thinks he’s ready to trip the light fantastic with the likes of Anna Trebunskaya or whoever ABC would be willing to pair him with on Dancing with the Stars.

The Northwestern captain told EW exclusively that he took a meeting with Dancing execs about possibly appearing in a future installment. “I thought the interview went really well,” Hansen said from Dutch Harbor, Alaska, where he’s preparing to set sail on Oct. 14 for the seventh season of Deadliest Catch. “I know I could do it. I know it’s a big commitment and I said to my wife that I’m not going to do it if it screws everything up and she’s like, ‘no…no.”

Well, it will take more than his wife’s approval to pull off a trip to Mirror Ball central. Hansen fishes for King Crab and Red Crab from mid-October to mid-December while January to late March is devoted to chasing after Opilio and/or Snow Crab. That definitely rules out Hansen doing the fall edition of DWTS. But if Hansen catches his quota early in the winter, he may have enough time to hop off the Northwestern and hightail it to Los Angeles in time for the show’s mid-season berth in late March.

A rep for DWTS would not comment, other than to acknowledge that casting occurs year ’round for the reality show.

Hansen would certainly fit in nicely on DWTS, which has definitely generated new fans with its recent run on reality show stars like Kate Gosselin and The Situation. And given how the ABC show averages more than 20 million viewers per week, an appearance by Hansen would do wonders for Catch – which averaged 5.92 million viewers last season.

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