October 13, 2010 at 09:40 PM EDT

Image Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.comAfter his recent anti-bullying efforts resulted in a rather profound pot-kettle moment, Perez Hilton is changing his ways.

The celebrity blogger took a seat on Ellen DeGeneres’ couch this afternoon on her talk show to declare an end to celebrity bullying. (Watch part of his appearance below.) “I’m going to do things differently on my website than I have in the past,” he said. “I’m not going to call people nasty nicknames; I’m not going to go the mean route.”

I know what you’re thinking, Yeah. I wonder how long that will last. Ellen seemed skeptical, too. In fact, the normally chipper host was relatively critical — which made me love her more. She brought up how the change in approach might result in lost revenue and asked him if that would affect his decision in the future. (He said no.)  She even questioned his use of the word “sassy” when he described his new method, saying she hoped that it wasn’t just a new term for an old habit.

It very well might be, and I can’t say I’m convinced of anything at this point, PopWatchers. Is this too little, too late? Or has Hilton’s heart really grown three sizes? If you visit the site, is a tamed Perez a turn-off? Ellen seems to be giving him a chance … should we?

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