October 13, 2010 at 07:30 PM EDT

Image Credit: Byron Cohen/NBCWhen will when the paparazzi learn that you don’t mess with a mama and her cub? In a fiery blog post addressed to X17, Nicole Richie called the website “irresponsible and repulsive” for routinely sending photographers to sit outside of her daughter Harlow’s preschool. She elaborated: “Here’s a better visual: Pulling up to school and seeing grown men slouched in black windowed cars outside of a preschool, all day. I’m not even there, so you cannot say you are following me as you always do. You are stalking the children. Now how do you feel?”

I’m not a parent, PopWatchers, but I am a human being. And this is pretty sickening. I think it’s about time for Heather Chandler (Sarah’s high school nemesis on Chuck) to pay these photographers a visit, no?

In all seriousness, last month, California passed a new anti-paparazzi law that implemented harsher penalties against celebrity photographers who break traffic laws while working. At the time, Sean Burke of the Paparazzi Reform Initiative told the L.A. Times that the laws were “specifically targeted to increase public safety.” But what about the tiniest public — kids? What do you think should be done?

It’s worth noting that Richie concluded her blog post with, “Consider this a warning.” Paps, see video below.

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