A new clip for the Kristen Stewart stripper movie Welcome to the Rileys has emerged courtesy of Vulture (watch it here), and while some of you will want to talk about Stewart spouting seriously NSFW language, I’d like to note how cute James Gandolfini’s laugh is when Stewart announces that she doesn’t do a certain sexual act. It’s the way he brings his hand up to his mouth to cover the giggle that gets me.

Gandolfini and Melissa Leo co-star as parents grieving the death of their daughter in a car accident. He travels to New Orleans on business, stumbles across Stewart’s runaway character in a restaurant, and decides he’s going to get her life on track because she looks like the child he lost. Leo’s character overcomes her stress-induced agoraphobia and eventually follows him to the Big Easy, where she tries to save her marriage, and Stewart from a life on the pole. Watch the trailer here.