Despite ” target=”_blank”>our best efforts to help ” target=”_blank”>The Big Bang Theory ” target=”_blank”>producers brainstorm ideas for how to incorporate Kaley Cuoco’s cast, they’ve decided not to write her broken leg into the show. Instead, waitress Penny will become a bartender so she can be shot from the waist up, Cuoco told Ellen DeGeneres yesterday. The decision surprised her, too, she admitted. But we concede it’s the simplest fix.

Cuoco also shared the story of how she broke her leg during a Saturday horse-riding lesson. Watch the interview here. She obviously tells it best, and it involves sound effects. In short, her horse spooked, she fell off, and laughed, because she was totally fine. Only her horse wasn’t done. He tried to leap over her and landed on her left leg. (Cue the crackling she thought was him landing in leaves.) She didn’t feel anything at first. “Then I looked, and I’m like, wow, my foot’s facing me… And I was like, that’s not normal.” She was in shock, and tried to pick it up and it just dangled. The paramedics needed to cut off her boot and “all the bones were sticking out.” At the hospital, the doctor told her she had three options — the first was amputation. In the full interview, embedded below, she says they were worried about infection and told her she might come out of the emergency surgery with only one foot. Instead, they put two giant metal bars in her leg during her two-week hospital stay, which caused her to be written out of two episodes entirely. She says she thinks the horse, “the love of my life,” feels bad and she can’t wait to ride him again. Perhaps Penny’s job change should be permanent, just in case.

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