When confronted with freakishly beautiful women, male talk-show hosts sometimes get a little discombobulated. When confronted with freakishly beautiful women who have multiple talking points involving them being naked or nearly naked, the poor men allow things to get fairly awkward, it seems. Case in point, Heidi Klum addressing her decision to leave Victoria’s Secret modeling (and, after the commercial break, her naked appearance in husband Seal’s music video):

The image of Heidi Klum coming to Jay Leno’s home with a door-to-door salesperson’s suitcase full of G-strings will take a while for me to overcome. Though I am glad she cleared up that she will not be making a weird fluttering-wings sound should she decide to continue wearing her Victoria’s Secret angel wings (already creepy, even without the noise) around the house.

Anyone else out there in PopWatch land still reeling from this? Am I the only one who actually wanted to hear about her clothing line (and not just the confusing debate about the meaning of “active wear”)? I probably am, aren’t I?

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