The latest installment of Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis features Red star Bruce Willis who, well, doesn’t say much for the first two and a half minutes because Galifianakis is on a roll. “How many children do you have?… Which is your favorite? Ashton?… Do you get his tweets? Like, you call him, and go, ‘Hey, I got your tweets. Pretty good tweeting today.'” (That may not read funny, but Galifianakis’ delivery can sell even the most obvious of jokes. That’s the real punch line of Between Two Ferns, right?) Watch the chat below. Eventually, Willis does speak (and reminisces about the ’80s, when “women were much cleaner”).

P.S. I would love to see Willis in a reboot of Grumpy Old Men in 15 years. Think of two rival Expendables types whose bodies are now too old and beaten up to kick ass. Willis’ character moves to the same middle-of-nowhere American town that Stallone’s has retired to, and they begin to screw with each other to pass the long winter months. In the end, one of them must save the other from a third retiree (Schwarzenegger cameo!), because he realizes fighting with this guy is the only thing that makes old age bearable. Who’s with me?

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