By Archana Ram
October 12, 2010 at 07:55 PM EDT

Image Credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos; Brian To/FilmMagic.comWith the fall TV season well underway, I never stopped to think that perhaps we were missing something in the real-kids-saying-funny-things department. But apparently both Heidi Klum and Brad Garrett did, as each announced this week that they’d take on separate series in the vein of Kids Say the Darndest Things, a feature on Art Linkletter’s House Party from 1952-69 that Bill Cosby revived in 1998.

Klum, a mother-of-four who will also serve as co-producer of Lifetime‘s tentatively titled, Seriously Funny Kids, has in her favor the paparazzi-proven fact that she can get down with the little ones, not to mention the fact that “auf Wiedersehen” will probably elicit a giggle or two.

Garrett on the other hand, has Ryan Seacrest as producer of his untitled TLC series and a charm totally opposite from Klum’s affable cheer. If he capitalizes on his curmudgeonly TV persona, it could be just the kind of odd pairing — cute kid and cranky old man — that could drum up some nostalgia for the Cosby years.

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