Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!

MVG (MOST VALUABLE GEM): Back Where It All Began!

“The closeup of Princess Sparkle and her spactacular boobs! Man have I missed them…uh her!” —gigi, endorsed by Alex, TeoNYC, hobokendave, Presto, Melissa, A, kfran, and Katja, who appreciates daaaaaaamn fine decolletage

“Judge Judy in the audience!” —avab, endorsed by naynay, NYLA, john, Matt2

“The audience members in front of the judges table kinda looked like floating heads at times.” —Jamie0415

“We got to see the ghostly image of the Only Talented DWTS Singer (Sorry Princess Sparkle) through the fog during Kurt and Anna’s dance. I never see this guy – he’s very elusive.” —IAA Jennifer


“After they came back from break after Karina and The Situation’s dance, they panned the band and there was a guy just standing there clapping and he was the spitting image of Weird Al Yankovic!” —K2

“Hidden Gem: Carrie Ann In-ahhh-ber had me mesmerized with her M.C. Escher earings (triangles inside triangles inside…) then I would snap out of my trance when the light reflected off those gems on her shirt! I don’t think I heard a word she spoke during her first critique.” —iggy, endorsed by orville

Disturbing Hidden Gem: Sitch flexing his pecs (one at a time) while Kurt and Anna spoke with Brooke.” —CoolWhipLite, endorsed by gigi, A, Preston, amanda, Brookew89, Laci, April, Lars, Cindy, gigi, Anthony, IAA Jennifer, R-Girl, IAA Jennifer, Karikata

“Right before Anna got her scores, her eyes seemed to pop out of her head.” —A, endorsed by Emma and Carmella

“During their “coming up next” teaser when Cheryl was playing with Rick’s Clark Gable mustache, he looked very Monty Python-esque. Like a Terry Gilliam drawing with the big cheesy smile and white tux. —orville

“The twirl and dip Maks gave Brandy [in the background]!” —Karikata

“During Bruno’s critique of Rick’s dance….there was a guy in the audience flapping his hands kind of challenging Rick to a dance off” —Harvey Levin, endorsed by Red (“Then he flashed the peace sign….obviously aware of this little game we play here”), Laci, CoolWhipLite, Jessy, James, Anthony, starsweeper

“Eliza Dushku’s ‘cut-a-bitch’ look! Whoa! I was sacred for Carrie Ann!” —gigi

“Lacey’s ‘I am squishing your little head’ to Tom as they got ready to show her and Kyle’s rehearsal footage.” —Jo, endorsed by caspad, Blue, Emma, glenn

“Not sure if this qualifies as a “hidden gem” but I just found this ridiculous…Lacey’s shirt during the rehearsal video. A hole on the hip, one on the stomach, on the arms…oh yeah, and that stupid boob hole! WTF!?!” —Stephanie

“During the last bit of rehearsal footage in their clip, it looks like Lacey is wearing one of Mrs. Roper’s caftans!” —Elisa

“I loved the floral pattern design on Lacey’s leg…and how much they reminded me of the evil throbbing tattoo in The Rage: Carrie 2…” —vegas_tiffany

“The guy behind Len giving a “boo face” to Len’s comment during Kyle’s critique.” —gigi

“Karina’s follow up t-shirt to Gym-Tan-Dance: ‘Don’t hate me because I’m an awesome dancer.’” —MLM, endorsed by Potato Bug, TequilaSunrise

“The Situation wearing a multi-colored “gypsy” necklace during the rehearsal footage! I think I saw the same one at Claire’s…” —EPK

“Right before Karina and Sitch danced, there was a guy in the background behind Tom swinging his arms around like crazy. He was either telling the audience to start clapping/cheering, or attempting to realize his dream of ascending like a helicopter into the upper atmosphere of Planet Mirrorballus.” —Dayna, endorsed by Meg, KWo

“Karina turning Sitch’s chin to focus on tango as it began, rather than fist pumping” —Colleen

“Gem! Rick Fox making a “meh” hand gesture to Kurt Warner as soon as The Situation finished his dance. Who knew a Clark Gable-stache brings out the judgmental side of people?” —Molly J, endorsed by Chappel

“My hidden gem is the black and white dress that someone in The Situation’s camp was wearing that looked like a backgammon game board. My first thought was that maybe they play backgammon during the commercial breaks, but then I realized no one associated with The Situation probably even knows what backgammon is.” —KellBellNYC

“Looks like Corky has his own hidden gem!” —Carmella

“Florence’s glittery reflection on the floor as she walked to the circle of dance” —MLM

“The belt (or embellishment, whatever it was) on Florence’s dress looked like the Eye of Sauron.” —TequilaSunrise

“Gem! Tom’s little giggle after Florence grabbed him after her ‘not appropriate’ dance!” —Amanda

“Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry in the audience!” —Xorp, endorsed by CoolWhipLite, kahuna, Julia, Emma, Lorie, Zach, Carla, Karikata, Connie, Emily

“Carrie Ann’s face of shock and awe when she realized she might have liked something less than DNCMSTR. It mirrored my own.” —Helen

“The surprised look on the man’s face right behind Len when he made his comment about Florence’s dance. I think I had the same look! Seriously Len…you liked it?!” —jilld, endorsed by Karikata

“Maks dipping Flo right before Flo and Corky got their scores. Cougar passion?!!?” —Gin, endorsed by duranmom and Ayn

“Carrie Ann, Len, and, Bruno, and Carrie Ann were playing “air” violin, piano, and accordion.” —Beatrice, endorsed by Mrs M, Kaye, Glenn, kfran

“The lighting pattern on the circus platform for Mark and Bristol made it look like a multi-faceted GEM (or the Epcot golf ball or Honeycomb cereal).” —’s Fringe Fairy

“Did you see Anna and Lacey shaking their heads after Mark and Bristol’s dance?” —Amy, John

“Bristol’s sister’s scream. It sounds like Len is murdering a cat in the background, that girl can scream.” —Jessy

“Bruno biting his nails, looking scared after Len’s comments/judging section of Bristol’s dance.” —DG

During Marc and Bristol’s dance:

My cousin: “Ewww look at his back hair!!”

Me: “No, that’s a tattoo”

My Cousin: “Oh.” —Cindy, endorsed by duranmom, CoolWhipLite, Cindy, Amanda, Blue, KWo (“He needs the angel wings to soar up to Planet Mirrorballus!), MLM, Connie

“Gem – reflection of the crew member yawning as Audrina talked about getting wrinkles” —Molly J, endorsed by iggy, Katja, Wondering, orville, MLM

“Bruno talking (fighting with) and swatting at someone to his left before giving the second score to Audrina” —bird, endorsed by queue55, Cindy

“Maks trying to cover up Mark’s exposed upper body… Pot-Kettle?” —e, KWo, Emma


“Tiny dancers pleasuring Tom during the Jen/Derek intro. As Tiny Bruno would say, ‘It happened one night and that night was tonight! An epic grabber!'” —’s Fringe Fairy


Hello, little mirrorball! We see you!

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for your fabulous submissions!

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