Meadow had better watch out! Lest you think the Internet ever forgets, check out this clip Little Monsters discovered over the weekend of a 15-year-old Lady Gaga on The Sopranos. Gaga, then merely Stefani Germanotta, high school student at New York City’s Convent of the Sacred Heart, had a blink-and-miss-it part in the episode “The Telltale Moozadell” from the third season of HBO’s hit series in 2001. She’s one of a pack of giggly schoolgirls smoking and throwing back sodas while watching Tony Soprano’s son, A.J., swim laps at the school pool.

For Gagaphiles, the clip is of interest for two all-important reasons. One: we see her real hair! And we all know her natural locks haven’t seen the light of day since at least 2007. And two: she’s wearing jeans! Clearly, Gaga had not yet issued her fatwa on pants.

This isn’t the first pop-culture breadcrumb to Gaga’s pre-fame past. In 2005, she also appeared on Boiling Points, MTV’s let’s-make-life-more-miserable series where undercover actors try to annoy the hell out of unsuspecting passerby. Gaga, then a student at NYU, exploded at her “waitress” for serving a salad covered in tin-foil and other garbage.

For a performer who never wants her fans to see her “as human” onstage, Gaga would probably cringe at these clips. What do you think, PopWatchers? Do you prefer your Gaga in spandex and sequins? Or does seeing her like this help you appreciate the person behind the icon?

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