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Image Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCBaby Derek is back! Thanks to all of you who submitted questions for Dancing With the Stars‘ own Fantastic Mr. Fox last week. Below, Derek helps us rev up for Week 4’s “Acoustic Night” with a (nearly) all-readers’ Q&A!

Tonight you and Jennifer Grey will do the Argentine tango. Did you get to pick your own music? How, if at all, does the “acoustic” theme for week 4 change the vibe of the tango from what we usually see on DWTS?

We get to make song suggestions, but a lot of time the music is given to us and we work with those selections. The producers are great at giving us songs that challenge us as dancers and at the same time entertain the audience. This week being acoustic — that just makes every beat more intense. It’s going to be amazing.

Is your choreography influenced by former ballroom dance champions (I see a little Donnie Burns in there), or by movies, or anything else? –Lynn

Choreography is so specific. I think for the most part if I choreographed for anyone else, you’d be able to tell that it was a routine I created. Same with all the pros – Louis, Maks, Mark. We take our inspiration from anywhere we can. After several seasons on the show, you want to be able to keep bringing creative ideas to the dance floor. Things like acoustic week and story week really help keep us on our toes.

Derek, love your choreography. I’ve wondered if you have ideas in mind ahead of the season, knowing a waltz, paso doble, etc. are coming, and then do you adapt them to the ability of your partner? –LoveVioletFlame

I have ideas going into each season, but normally those fly out the window because each dance really does pertain to the song and the abilities of the celebrity. I do have a fun and original idea for a pro dance this season. I’m hoping I get to do it.

How long does it typically take for you to come up with the choreography for one dance? –Rebecca

I start thinking about the dance as soon as I get the music and then I keep thinking, changing and adding to each routine as the week progresses. Sometimes I add little changes in the day before show day.

If the celebrity you work with has ideas and a great dance imagination will you or have you incorporated their ideas into a routine? –Kaye

Absolutely. The thing about Dancing with the Stars is it comes to be a very collaborative effort. My partner might have some amazing ideas or thoughts and if I ruled them out completely and wasn’t willing to work with them then I might be missing the chance at creating something really memorable.

Derek, do you ever wish you got an athlete as your celeb partner? I feel like you are one of the few pros who has never gotten an athlete. Also which dances have been your favorite? I thought your ’50s paso last year was amazing and surprised it was not nominated for an Emmy. –Stephanie

I’ve been really lucky to be partnered with the ladies that I have had so far on the show. I just want to be with someone who wants to be there and thus far that’s been the case. I really enjoyed our ’50s Paso, future Paso was great too. I loved the pro dance that Chelsie and I did last season and the Jive that Julianne and I did season 7. The way the Emmy nominations work is that there are submission deadlines and by the time we had to submit dances we hadn’t done the ’50s Paso yet, so that’s why it wasn’t included in the dances that were sent for consideration.

I think your jive with Julianne for Design-a-Dance was worthy of an Emmy. Also your acoustic routine with Chelsie was stunning. Will we see another routine like that? –Lauren

I have a few tricks up my sleeve and an idea that I’m excited about for a pro number, so hopefully!

Where do you keep all those mirrorball trophies? It would kinda creep me out if they were in my room. –LOSTY396

They’re in my home. I’m proud of them and they mean a lot to me as they signify a lot of hard work. No special trophy case or anything like that though.

Should everyone get the chance to redo parts of their dance on the spot? –Aggie

That was such an impulse thing that I did with Jen, but I think that if everyone redid parts of their dances on Monday night, the show would be 3 hours long instead of 2.

So what’s going on with the Ballas Hough Band these days? Weren’t you guys supposed to release an album this year? Do you think there will be any more DWTS performances from you and your band? –Paige

Mark is doing his own thing musically and doing a great job at it. He performs a lot in LA after show nights and we all go support him.

I love you and can’t imagine DWTS without you. Can you tell us anything about your future plans? I’ll follow you in whatever you do. –Lori

There are some things brewing that would be different from Dancing with the Stars and be a chance to explore other aspects of the entertainment industry…but that’s all I can say right now.

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